Marcus Björke, CEO of Renthia

"Thanks to Z-Acceleration we were able to launch a brand new platform in a quick and safe way. The time to market with this company was highly valued. We were able to work in an agile organization and the value of the work was perfect."


Business Analysis & Feasibility Study

Business Analysis & Feasibility Study

Our Business Analysts will work closely with your stakeholders to help validate your concept, set clear expectations and identify potential future bottlenecks. We will help you avoid any unplanned costs and maximize ROI at later stages in your product development.

Product Development

Our expert software engineering and quality assurance will help reduce your costs and your time to market, while building a high quality product that is functional, scalable and secure across multiple platforms. We can also seamlessly integrate your software to CRMs, social media, financial and accounting applications, ERPs and much more.

Maintenance & Support

Once your product is complete, our team will stay on board to help you maintain your system, roll out great new features and integrations and constantly optimize your product as your user base grows.

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